Friday, 1 February 2013

StarGate vids post 1

Hey everyone!

If you love STARGATE I'm sure your going to love this! Just like you my dad is a massive StarGate fan, so he decided when he started building his media room he wanted the entrance to be a WORKING StarGate IRIS! It's a complete work of art and I'm very proud of him! Still in the making at the moment but I'm looking to see what every StarGate fan thinks of my dad's work. We need your feedback to get everything on the go again and get this project finished! Check it out and see what you think, Also like, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share if you love what you see!

This is my first attempt in making a YouTube video of the making of the StarGate door =)

Also here's a quick video of the door in action, and please don't worry this is an old video of the door first working. My dads goal was to get it to the stage we're he could show my grandfather before he passed away...

Let me know what you think =) I'll be happy to get some good feedback off of all the true StarGate fans out there! 

Here's a couple more old video's i found of the stargate door =)

 This is a video of the outer ring, just showing you how it looks spinning lol

Now the frames up here's an updated video of the door =)

Here's a Video of the door at night! the background looks amazing!

I hope you enjoy the updated Videos! please like subscibe and comment on my vids, and also plus 1 this blog and share it with others =)
Cheers Josh.

If any of you stargate fans would love to get this project finished faster  you could help support my dad with his projects =) and send a small donation to our paypal =) not demanding just asking if you would like to contribute, thank you!

My paypal is :
If you do donate please send me a message so i know who its from!

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