Friday, 15 February 2013

Stargate door pics!

Here's a heap of pics i found of the door as it was being made =) hope you enjoy!

I need your ideas, dad wants to make the dialing machine from stargate to open his door! what do you think about this idea? So when he dials the symbols they lock into the spinning ring and open up the iris! sounds pretty cool to me lol, and inside the Media room we have an escape door just incase the iris stuffs up one day, here's a few pics of the escape door button dad wants to make

 So to use the escape door you have to place your hand in the area of the alien hand haha
he has so many wicked ideas, i love seeing them all come to life!

Let me know what you think and please if you have any more ideas share them with me and ill mention them to dad =) and dont forget to share and plus 1 my blogs!

Cheers Josh.

Hey guys and girls! you are doing a great job in sharing this around! =) i would love to see some ideas about this project or others you would like us to look at or build! any tips or more great comments would be really amazing! =)

Thanks, Josh

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